How does the Kaia Motion Coach work?

You can find your Kaia Motion Coach in the “browse” section. How this works exactly is explained in a short video under “view instructions”

The Kaia Motion Coach evaluates your movement sequence with the the camera during the exercise  and offers real-time feedback by:

  • provides audio guidance and movement corrections on how to perform the exercise more precisely.  
  • counting your repetitions
  • telling you how long you should hold the position

If you tap on “More →” within the Motion Coach Section of the “browse-tab”, you will be shown all the exercises that can be performed with the Kaia Motion Coach.

You also have the option of accessing the Kaia Motion Coach directly during your Kaia movement units. To do this, tap on the “Motion Coach” icon at the bottom right.

Please note that the Kaia Motion Coach is currently not available for all exercises.

Please note that the Kaia Motion Coach is not available for all devices yet. If you have any further questions, please contact our Kaia Customer Support.