Will video recordings of me be made automatically when I use the Kaia Motion Coach?

No, you will not be automatically recorded when using the Kaia Motion Coach.

Release of the camera function: Since the Kaia Motion Coach works via the camera function of the smartphone, it is necessary that you release access to the camera for the training session. Without this approval, the Kaia Motion Coach cannot be used. No records are made.

Approval for the recording:  In order to continuously improve the Kaia Motion Coach, you will be asked prior to the start of your movement exercises, whether or not you agree to being recorded.   

You can refuse this before the Kaia training begins. A recording will only take place if you have explicitly consented. If you decline being recorded, this will not have any negative effects on the function of the Kaia Motion Coach.  

If you would like further information on this topic, you can find it in the data protection declaration under the category "Motion Coach".