What is the Kaia Motion Coach?

Are you unsure if you are doing the exercises correctly? Then let the Kaia Motion Coach support you in your exercises.

The Kaia Motion Coach uses innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology.  This evaluates your movement sequence with your device’s camera during the exercise and gives you real-time feedback and suggestions on how you can improve your form to safely get the most benefit. 

The Kaia Motion Coach is currently not yet available for all exercises in your Kaia Health training program but can be accessed for certain exercises in the “browse” section. We are continuously working on including more exercises with the Kaia Motion Coach feature.

You can also click on the Kaia Motion Coach symbol directly during the Kaia Movement units to receive support with how you are performing your exercises.  

Please note that the Kaia Motion Coach is not available for all devices yet. In case you have a question about that please reach out to our Kaia Customer Support.